Maternity Photography in Stockholm

Are you in waiting times and are thinking of documenting this moment? Then you've come right! A pregnant woman is incredibly beautiful and deserves to be documented in the photo. Pregnant photography also does not have to be with only the mother, but it is just as good to bring her partner and the children. Well, if interested send an email with your thoughts.


Usually, I shoot outdoors in nature or at my clients' homes but have the opportunity to rent a studio for 500: - / hour. I also have 4 dresses to lend. 1 red, 2 light blue, mint green, and beige. Want other dresses? I collaborate with both dress rental, florist and makeup artist & hairstylist. My packages include digital files, but of course, I offer prints and albums.


I have these 10 dresses to borrow


1. Sage, Full body dress fits sizes S-L



2. Red Dress. Fits sizes S-L


3. Black lace, full body fits size S-L 


4. Blush pink/beige Size S-M



5. Lilac full body size S-L



White dress 3/4 long 



Silver dress full body 


8. Pink 

9. Blus full body 

10- white lace 



Are you a rreturning client? Then I offer 15 % Discount on all packages and digital files!








1-hour photoshoot 

3 images       




1 hour photoshoot

10 images



1 hour photoshoot 30 images                              




1 image - 300:- 


Avaliable times

April - 2

May - 2

JUne -2 

JuLy -2



I'm not comfortable in front of the camera normally, but with Tanja I was super relaxed







 Terms & Conditions


The photographer reserves the right to postpone outdoor photography at heavy weather on the same day; rain, storm, storm or replace with indoor photography. The images may not be edited after delivery by the client or outside party. By booking the photographer you agree to all terms and conditions unless otherwise stated.


For avaliable dates make an inquiry today

Or send an email at

When publishing on the internet, reference "Photo: Tanja Metelitsa" should be used. The photographer reserves the right to use the pictures for marketing purposes such as the website, portfolio and album. The images may be used for private purposes for printing. The photographer delivers images with similar style that the photographer presents on his website.


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