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Maternity photographer Stockholm


Congratulations on the graveidiot! 

Maternity photography Stockholm. Are you in waiting times and feel that a big change in your life is about to happen? Congratulations - being pregnant is (mostly) wonderful! Are you thinking of immortalizing this magical life situation? Then you've come to the right place, I offer pregnancy photography in Stockholm and have extensive experience! A pregnant woman is incredibly beautiful and deserves to be documented in pictures in a stylish and artistic way. Maternity photography is a celebration of motherhood and your story of carrying your child.

 pregnancy photography to?

After the photo shoot

When the pregnancy photography is completed, you will receive within 10 days  a selection gallery with 30 images from which you can choose your favorites or select all 30. You will receive the selection gallery directly on your mobile and can easily share with your loved ones. There is also the possibility to order all kinds of printed matter directly in the app that I invite you to (webshop via pictime). That way, you don't have to look for printers yourself, but can order directly on your mobile. I also offer newborn photographyandmaternity photos.In addition, you receive a 15% discount the next time you book a photo shoot with me.


How do you go about it in practical terms when you want to book a maternity photoshoot? Contact me in the form further down the page and write when you are due. Since appointments go quickly, I recommend booking already in week 15, but if you come up with it later, there is no danger, send an email in any case. I will get back to you within 2 days with available times. I start from Bandhagen in Stockholm. We sign a photo contract and SEK 900 is paid as a booking fee regardless of the package. (it is deducted from the package price on the final invoice). Then we discuss your wishes  and if you have any thoughts about the environment, clothes or other ideas. Since I have been a pregnancy photographer in Stockholm, I can recommend many beautiful places for pregnancy photography, by water, cliffs, forest and urban environment. I recommend photography in weeks 28-34. Because the belly needs to be big enough, but it can be a bit tough to photograph at the end as fatigue can set in.  Most often I photograph outdoors in nature or at my clients' homes. I have several dresses to lend, if you want your own clothes, that  is fine. If you want to be photographed in a studio, that is possible.  The studio I use costs SEK 625/hour and it is located at Odenplan.

During the shoot 

See you on the set date for maternity photography,change in a nearby place and start shooting. Many of my clients say they are not comfortable in front of the camera. But trust me that during the shoot I will do my best to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I guide you in the poses and encourage you to relax. In the event of rain, illness or stormy weather, we will reschedule.

Maternity photography Stockholm
in different seasons
Pregnancy photography Stockholm
Pregnancy photography Stockholm
Gravidfotograf Stockholm K
Pregnancy photography Stockholm


In the spring there is so much that blooms, a big favorite is the cherry blossom in the royal garden. Also many other trees such as apple trees and common cherries. Being photographed by the water is always a classic when the trees haven't had time to wake up.


Best time to photograph, when it's nice and warm. The best time for photography is in the afternoon and evening when the light is the softest and it is a little less warm. One can photograph at sunset with water in the background or even go into water. In the greenery, riding a horse. Don't let your imagination set the limits!


If it is nice crispy snow that has fallen and remains, it is a very magical background for pregnancy photography. I have photographed both on ice and there is no snow in a frosty field. We photograph  with slightly longer breaks and opportunities to warm up between takes.


Autumn is a magical time when the leaves are yellow, red and orange throughout October. It's still hot but we take some breaks to warm up during the session. Man  can wear warm leggings under the dress as most of my dresses are full length.


1 hour photography 

3 high resolution images

                    3 990:-


weekdays- 3490:-  




1 hour of photography

10 high resolution images



weekdays - SEK 4,490

1  hour photography 

30 high resolution images

                                  SEK 6,490 


weekdays - 5,990:- 


Are you a rreturning client? Then I offer 15 % Discount on all packages and digital files!






1. Extra picture SEK 299/pc

2. Milkbath photographercall with fresh flowers - SEK 990

3. Photography in the studio at Odenplan SEK 625

4. Flower wreath fromMelody Flowersfrom SEK 400

Avaliable times

August       Fully booked

September   1 seat

October       4 seats

November.   4 seats

December    4 seats


Photographed alone, with partner or with children since before. 

Maternity photographer Stockholm. During a pregnancy photo shoot, the focus is on the pregnant woman, but it is also fine to have partners and previous children with you. If you are photographed  with a partner, think about the choice of clothes. I usually recommend lighter, calmer colors. Avoid patterns, black, large logos and the same applies to children. Also thought about matching in terms of color and style with the rest of the family. If you have children with you, there will be more play and mischief during the photo shoot. Read more about minefamily photos here.


gravidfotografering stockholm

Not very comfortable standing in front of the camera, but Tanja made me feel safe and not as silly as I usually feel. Fantastically good at finding environments, angles, and places that I myself would never have thought could turn out great in a photo, but turned out fantastic when I saw the end result. Couldn't be more pleased, 5/5                                                                                                   Johanna


THESEmaternity dresses
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About Tanja 

Maternity photographer Stockholm. I love photographing pregnant women! I have photographed pregnant women for over 7 years at the time of writing.  I myself have a son who is 2.5 years old at the time of writing. When I think back to my pregnancy, it feels far away and the time after with my son has gone by so quickly. I felt reasonably well but had many of the classic pregnancy symptoms. I had my pregnancy shoot during the winter and was very tired, but so incredibly  grateful that those photos are still there! The time when you are pregnant is sooooo short and it just has to be documented.


Milk bath photography


An absolutely fantastic alternative to classic pregnancy photography is photography in a milk bath. We photograph at my house in Bandhagen. It includes fresh flowers that suit the theme and season, loan of a towel and hairdryer. It is also possible to use color bombs for a different color.

The photographer reserves the right to postpone to a later date on the same day outdoor photography in case of severe storms; torrential rain, storm, foggy weather or replace with indoor photography.  The pictures may not be edited after delivery by the client or an outside party.  The photographer reserves the right to use the images for marketing purposes on the website, portfolio and album.By booking the photographer, you accept all conditions unless otherwise stated. 






When publishing on social media, the reference "photo: Tanja Ferm" must be used. The images may be used for private purposes for printing. The photographer supplies images with a similar style as presented on the photographer's website. The images are adjusted in color and composition. Lighter retouching such as removing pimples is included. More advanced retouching such as manipulation of body shapes, removal of objects, hair, etc. is not included. The photographer is not responsible for hairstyles, makeup and that clothes fit properly. 







What should a delivery letter contain?

When the contractions have started, it can be difficult to communicate how you want it. That's why it's great to write down your ideas about childbirth and how you want it to be. Are you giving birth with a partner? then you can give the birth certificate to him.


How do you think about pain relief?

How do you think about breastfeeding?

Some thoughts about positions to

Anything in particular that staff should know?

Should a partner or healthcare professional cut the umbilical cord?

Gravidfotografering stockholm tips


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