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WEdding city hall


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Welcome! If you're looking for a wedding photographer who captures vibrant, romantic, and bright images, then you're exactly in the right place! My name is Tanja Ferm, and I'm a wedding photographer who specializes in documenting weddings at City Hall and telling love stories that resonate.

WEdding city hall
WEdding city hall
WEdding city hall



For the wedding itself, you can bring up to 10 guests, including children and the wedding photographer. The bride and groom and I meet a little before the wedding ceremony and photograph some first portraits and the group photos. You can enter the City Hall and take pictures about 10-15 minutes before, get your ID and go up the enormous  staircase which is very lovely to take pictures on. After that, you wait your turn and are summoned to the Oval, where basically all weddings take place. As I said, the wedding itself goes quickly and I recommend going in slowly and standing close to each other and hugging for a cozier picture. Outside the City Hall, your guests can blow bubbles or just cheer for you.  If it's dark outside, it's fine to make a sparkler tunnel, which looks super beautiful in pictures! We finish with some more portraits.  For several years I have been photographing weddings in the City Hall and each wedding is unique and requires personal planning. Nice in winter when there is plenty of beautiful blue water in the background. In winter, when it is at its darkest, I recommend taking pictures in daylight between 11.00 and 15.00, but it is of course also possible to photograph after sunset. 

In summer it is super bright and you can take some photos at any time, but preferably a little closer to the evening when the light is at its softest.  In autumn there is also beautiful red wild vine - climbing plant on the walls of the City Hall or why not expand with photography in autumnal Rålambshovsparken? There are many beautiful places around the City Hall to take portraits and group photos both outdoors and indoors, for example by the water towards Södermalm, by the water towards Riddarholmen/old town, beige walls, the pillar garden. There are also many other places nearby such as Gamla stan, Riksdag, Rålambshov's park and Skeppsholmen. Indoors, you can be photographed in the large beautiful staircase, against the large window and in the oval where weddings usually take place.

WEdding city hall
WEdding city hall

About Tanja 


I have worked as a photographer for 10 years and have photographed over 120 weddings. For me, every wedding is unique regardless of size. Why do I love being a wedding photographer at City Hall?  I love City Hall because there are so many different stylish, minimalist and calm photo environments. I love to take bright, airy pictures with a lot of emotion in them. Bringing out emotions in pictures is one of the most important tasks for me as a photographer on your big day! There are many who say that we feel uncomfortable being photographed and then look absolutely fantastic in the picture! For me, it is important that you get a wonderful photo session with your loved ones or just the two of you. I love working as a wedding photographer in city Hall

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I have been selected as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in SM 2023, in the categories of Wedding and Wedding Documentary

Bröllopsfotografi stockholm

Ceremony in City Hall

Getting married in the City Hall is easy and fast! The civil wedding in the City Hall is only 5 minutes long and you get married civilly.  You book a wedding easily via the City Hall's website​ but be there at a good time when you can be it can be a 4-7 months waiting time depending on the season. The wedding itself costs SEK 800. What you need to have with you is valid identification and 2 witnesses. If you do not have any guests, for example, a photographer can be a witness, and someone from the staff on site. You also need to apply for an obstacle examination on the Swedish Tax Agency's website, it is valid for  4 months. It is also possible to book a lift if needed for the elderly or disabled. When you have booked your wedding, it may be time to book all other suppliers. Many of my appointments fill up quickly and it is best to book a photographer immediately when you have decided on a date. As a florist, I recommendBloomspourmoiand as a make-up artist and hair stylist Sara Ollinen

Book a photographer for your wedding at  CITY HALL


Contact me in the form or email We sign a photo contract and 25% of the price of the package is paid (the rest after the wedding)

We have phone or video calls where we go through what is important to you. On the wedding day, we meet near the town hall and are photographed. I will instruct you in poses and encourage you to relax to get the most natural photos possible.

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In the heart of Stockholm is the City Hall, which was designed by architect Ragnar Östberg in 1902 and was originally intended to be both a council and City Hall. It was completed in 1923 and with its 106 m is Stockholm's 7th tallest building. In 2023, the City Hall turned 100 years old and an infinite number of brides and grooms have married there. There are many fun works of art such as  The relief Andrée's polar expedition in 1897 by the artist Stig Blomberg which hangs by the colonnade. There are about 60 couples who get married there every Saturday. In addition, it  is the place in Sweden where most people get married. 

Briefly about the City Hall

WEdding city hall

What if it rains?

The City Hall is an incredibly stylish venue for getting married and capturing wedding portraits regardless of the season. The ceremony itself is usually completed in just a few minutes, leaving ample time for beautiful and emotional wedding portraits. As a wedding photographer, I often recommend City Hall especially during rainy weather, as there are at least 2 beautiful outdoor sheltered backgrounds and 3 indoor ones. I usually advise couples to consider photographing at City Hall even if their wedding ceremony takes place elsewhere, particularly on rainy days. Additionally, I always bring a transparent umbrella with me, as it works perfectly for capturing photos even in open spaces during rainy weather



2 hours 10 images 

10 990:-


1,5 hour 75  images

8 990:-


1 hour 50 pictures 

6 990:-

 All my city hall packages include high resolution edited images. In 60 minutes we have time to take photos of the bride and groom and the wedding, in 90 minutes we also have time for family photos and group photos and in 120 minutes we also have time to take a walk to the Old Town.

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