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Family photographer Stockholm
Family photographer Stockholm
Family photographer Stockholm



Time goes by so fast and never comes back. Moments that we have with our loved ones we can document and look back on when we look at the pictures. I think it's great fun being a family photographer and I offer playful family photography throughout greater Stockholm. I love to capture the emotions in a photo in a genuine way and I'd rather take vivid photos than perfect ones. Childhood is a fantastic time that cannot be repeated. It's so much fun to capture the genuine feelings in pictures, as children are so genuine in their expressions of joy. No stiff smiles, but you can be exactly who you are. We take many pictures with the mobile phone that only exist digitally and that you rarely go through. With me, it is possible to order physical prints and albums, so they will last a long time to come. Hiring a professional photographer for your family photography is an investment that you will enjoy for a long time to come. I want to create personal memories just for you and tell a story. Intended if you want newborn photography, 1 year photography with a smash the cake theme or regular family photography. Do you want to book a family photo shoot with me? send email to

Family photography stockholm

About Tanja 

I'm glad you found it here! My name is Tanja Ferm and I have worked as a child & Family photographer for almost 10 years and thinks it's great fun! I live in southern Stockholm with my son Leo and my husband Kristofer. When I'm not taking photos, I paint watercolors or come up with some fun activity with my family.  For me, every picture of mine is so incredibly precious, especially the first time when he was really small. When my little boy was born, I understood that memories are priceless!


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Previous cleint about Tanja

I'm so happy that we hired Tanja for a family photoshoot! She was so accommodating and listened to all our requests while also guiding us with her expertise on what she thought would be best. She was calm and very easy-going during the shoot, and we love our pictures and are so pleased to have beautiful images of us as a family now

- Lina & Rainer

Family photographer Stockholm

Do you want to know more about the process?
Let's discuss the practical aspects of family photography


To book  family photography simply contact me via and tell us when you want to be photographed, how many of you there are and when you want to be photographed. The earlier you book the better  it is, especially in summer and autumn which are high seasons. I start from Bandhagen in Stockholm and there are many beautiful places here near me. 

During the photoshoot

We play around and photograph against different beautiful backgrounds.  I suggest a few different games and photograph moments in between. We photograph about 60 minutes different combinations; just the child, just parents, sibling pictures, near and far. I guide and encourage adults and children in the poses. If it rains or one of us gets sick, we will reschedule for another time. Do you adults feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? - No problem, I'll come up with fun tasks that you can do as a family for maximum easy and relaxed photos.


About 10 days after the photo shoot, you will receive a link with a gallery of 50 images to choose your favorites from or buy them all. About 5 days after that, you will receive your edited images as high-resolution files. It also goes  good to order prints and albums directly in my shop.

Family photographer Stockholm
Family photographer stockholm
Family photographer Stockholm


As a family photographer, I usually recommend light and neutral colors, for example beige, light blue, white, gray, small, pink mint green.  Avoid patterns, black, large logos. Feel free to match the colors and style with each other. But the most important thing is to have clothes that present you and that you feel comfortable in.


Said about Tanja 

The pictures are fantastic and beyond our expectations Thank you so much!

- Clara's mother

PORTFOLIO outdoors


Family photographer Stockholm

Are you interested in? 


Family photographer Stockholm
Family photographer Stockholm

Family photography

It is fine to book photography together with other relatives and even with several generations, then I recommend the gold package. It will be a little shorter photo shoot per family with us getting with all the different constellations. It can be good to write down the constellations in advance.

Children photographer stockholm


Photography at home 

During the winter months, I recommend photographing indoors, preferably at your home.  That way, I capture you naturally in your home environment. You can also divide the photography and shoot half indoors and half outside, or just a few minutes outside in winter. It is also possible to rent a studio at Odenplan for SEK 625/hour.

in different seasons

Family photographer Stockholm



Photography during the spring. Children are quite frozen, but I usually recommend April as the start of the bed for the family photos.  In the spring, there is a lot that blooms and it is extra nice to photograph in the royal garden, and by other flowering trees.tography.

Summer is the warmest and brightest time of the year, so it's great to take photos in the evening. I usually photograph by the water, meadows, and forests.


Fantastic time for family photography. In September, it's still warm, and the first yellow leaves start to appear. We have the most colorful period of the year in October. I recommend dressing according to the weather and wearing layered clothing


From November to April, I recommend photography sessions at your home or in a studio, which can be complemented with a short outdoor shoot

PRICELIST  family photography and children photography



Are you a regular customer? Then I offer 15% Discount on all packages and digital files!





1 hour photoshoot

3 high-resolution images



3 190:- 


1 hour photoshoot

10 high-resolution images



1 hour photoshoot

50 high-resolution images



4 990:- 


Family photographer stockholm
Family photographer Stockholm
Family photography Stockholm

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