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Foto workshop

Welcome to my page! Are you a photographer and want to learn more about photography and business? ? I offer workshops, coaching calls and private photography courses. 

I am  planning a workshop in 2024. Register your interest at Here you can read about my previous workshop that I held together with Johanna Ellen in 2023. 

Sustainable Brand

Become a better photographer and a better entrepreneur!


Are you a photographer who wants to take your photography to a new level? Then this is the workshop for you. Take this workshop today and your future self will thank you later. Course leaders are 2 photographers with 2 different styles so you get the best of 2 worlds. We will be a small group for more personal treatment. Register now as places are limited.


 25 March 2023. Photo Workshop Stockholm - Haninge. 

Max: 8 seats 

Styled shoot: Pregnant, newlyweds and family. 

Course leader:  Tanja Ferm and Johanna Ellen

Register at


About Tanja 

I have been photographing and running my own business for over 10 years.  For many years as myself primarily as a photographer and secondarily as an entrepreneur. For many years I have photographed because it is fun and tagged a price for it without any long-term plan or goal, which has been ineffective. When I had children and learned to value my time, only then did I understand the importance of having a sustainable marketing and business. Not giving lots of discounts without explaining the value of one's work, primarily to myself and also to the customers. My style is bright and cold and I love to shoot analog.


This is what you will learn at the workshop:




find your concept

exercises that help you determine how your brand should develop. 

streamline your workflow. 

learn the basics of business and customer service

educational calculation example of how to set a price for your work

define your dream customer


Practical & Styled shoots:

Practical exercise in photographing pregnant women, newlyweds and family. 

Posing, interaction, gaining the customer's trust and having a dialogue

Photography in different types of light. 

We will take pictures of each other that can be used as profile pictures. 


That pass you as: 

*Has a system camera and can shoot in manual mode.

(can't you currently book a private lesson with one of the course leaders) 

*Wants inspiration to develop a well-thought-out brand and concept. 

*You don't know what the next step in your photography journey is, want to get a push in the right direction. 

* Maybe haven't found your major or imagery but are on the way. 

*Want to learn more about pricing and how to calculate your time, expenses.


Foto workshop

This includes:



photography with a styled shoot with 

bride and groom pregnant and family. 

find the photo spots

networking   with other photographers. 



words of welcome

sustainable brand



selling portfolio/home page. 

theory of photographing weddings

photograph pregnant

photograph family 

practically photograph each other. 


styled shoot 1 


styled shoot 2

reflection and closing words



For available dates make an inquiry today! at

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Your investment - SEK 4,790 ex. VAT


Booking conditions

Register today at tanja.metelitsa@live.seTanja or Johanna will get back to you within 1-2 days after you receive an invoice with 10 days net. As soon as the invoice is paid, you have the place. 

Your place cannot be refunded for any reason but can be transferred to another course participant. Email us about it. Course leaders have the right to cancel the workshop if there are too few participants. So please spread the word. We will notify you as soon as we have received the minimum number of participants and the workshop is over.  Course leaders have the right to cancel the workshop in the event of  illness with a full refund to course participants.


Private lesson


Do you want instead of a workshop or also private lessons with Tanja or Johanna? 

Tanja offers private tuition, portfolio review, website review. 

SEK 900/hour, at least 2 hours.  Completely tailored to your wishes and adapted to your level of knowledge. 


Examples of topics:

Learn to shoot in manual mode. 

shoot in natural light

portfolio review

review of website. 


Said  by a former student



Was very satisfied, had very good aha experiences

Photographed both outdoors and indoors. And good overview of photography techniques.


Sign up today to

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