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Hello and welcome! My name is Tanja Ferm and I am a photographer in Stockholm with over 140 weddings in the luggage. Are you planning a wedding, or event or just want to document yourself or your loved ones in a photo session? I will be happy to help you capture your special moment regardless of whether it is abroad or at home in Sweden. I love bringing out the beauty in each individual. I love the Fine Art style and want to achieve an artistic expression where you are part of the artwork. I shoot partly analog and partly digital. 

I have photographed the majority of my weddings at home in Stockholm, so I have a good knowledge of different wedding venues and know really nice views. In addition to Stockholm, I have photographed in Tuscany, Alicante in Spain, Gotland,  Venice, Uppsala, and Sundsvall. In addition to weddings, I also offer pregnancy photography, family photography, christening photography, and maternity photography. I do assignments all over Sweden! Read more about weddings in  Norrköping, LinköpingÖlandGävle


A  wedding photographer costs anywhere from 20,000 and upwards of 70,000 for a full-day photo shoot. A professional photographer who pays tax should not cost less than 30,000 kroner as approx. 50-60% of the amount goes to tax (VAT, income tax and employer's fee.) Another larger part of it all goes to equipment which often costs quite a bit. In my opinion, a wedding photographer should always carry a backup camera house in case the first camera breaks.

Hur mycket kostar en bröllopsfotograf?



Here you can see my prices. A meeting is included in every package. On the low season October- April and on weekdays, I have a 10% discount. Travels and Hotel expenses are including in package starting from gold. All images are edited and in high resolution. 




5 hours 

250 images

21 990 SEK

WEdding photographer Stockholm
WEdding photographer Stockholm


8 hours 

400 images

Travel included all over Europe


27 990 SEK


12 hours 

600  images

Printed Thank you cards

Travel included all over Europe



33 990 SEK

WEdding photographer Stockholm
WEdding photographer Stockholm


12 hours 

4 hours - rehersal dinner 

1000 images

Engagement shoot including 30 images

Printed Thank you cards

1 Fine-Art print i size 30 X40

album 80 pages 25 X 25 cm

Travel included all over Europe


51 990:-

WEdding photographer Stockholm
WEdding photographer Stockholm
WEdding photographer Stockholm

Mini packages


My smaller packages are available for booking during the low season (October to April) and on weekdays. Are you getting married on a Saturday during the summer? These packages can be booked 2 months before your wedding.


1 hour  

50 images

6990 SEK


1.5 hours  

75 images

10 990 SEK


3 hours

150 images


14 990 SEK


1 Hour engagement session when booking any wedding package

                                                      2000 sek

Wedding photographer and Videographer Stockholm

I collaborate with Fokusnorr when it comes to video. Here you can see our packages with both parts




5 hours

250  images

3 minutes Highlight film

10 minutes full version  

59 990 SEK

8 hours

400  images

Thank you cards

1 Fine art print size A3  

3 minutes highlight film

15 minutes  full version  


   69 990 SEK

12 hours

600 images

Engagement session 30 images

Thank you cards

1 Fine-Art print in size A3  

3 minutes highlight film

25 minutes  full version  


69 990 SEK


HOW to choose a photographer?

Choosing a photographer is an important and personal process, regardless of your reason for hiring a photographer. Here are some tips on how to think when it comes to choosing a photographer. 


1. Regardless of the type of assignment, I recommend starting from the style; Do you like bright pictures? dark images, neutral, cool or warm tone? It's nice that if you hire a photographer several times, the style is consistent on all your shoots. Do you like pictures taken in action where you never look into the camera or do you like more stylish portraits?

2. Examine the photographer's portfolio carefully, do you find the images you are looking for? Do they appeal to your aesthetic taste?

3. Read resences, it can be very useful to read reviews from previous clients to form an idea of the photographer's work and service.


4. Set budget; if the budget is not enough for a full day with an experienced photographer,  I recommend hiring a better photographer for fewer hours than hiring a less experienced photographer for more hours. 

5, Person chemistry; Most photographers offer free phone or video calls to see if you click. It is important to have a photographer whose personality you like. 

6. Start with gut feeling, follow the other steps but let your heart make the decision in the end. 

Hur mycket kostar en bröllopsfotograf?
Bröllopsfotograf pris

About  Tanya

Hur mycket kostar en bröllopsfotograf?

My name is Tanja and I am a visual artist who loves colors, exciting environments and art. My journey towards creation began when I was 5 and discovered in kindergarten that there were paints - I could spend hours in creative flow and paint portraits of fictitious people. However, it took quite a while. In my hometown, there were no painting courses that brought in children who were younger than 10. But since I was ambitious and wanted a leisure hobby my mother put me in the music school. So for 2 years I went there doing everything to learn how to play the violin and LENGTH to get to learn to draw and paint! Towards the end of the second year I started to feel tired and felt no desire whatsoever. And then it was time for me! The bigger my fascination and love for color was when I came to painting courses and I realized that I was created to be a visual artist. My love for color, shape and composition grew ever stronger and I supplemented my creation with photography when I was 12 years old getting my dad's old film camera. At first, I photographed flowers and landscapes. Later in my teens, I started to photograph lots of portraits and got my first photo job as a mingle photographer. Five years ago I realized that it would be fun to photograph weddings and children and have worked with it since then. I love to bring out the beauty of each person and show their personality and genuine feelings in the picture. I am passionate about finding beautiful environments and candles that a sunset in the summer, in the forest covered with snow or outside my home when the sun shines through maple leaves. I'm a professional daydreamer! I am a wedding photographer with a base in Stockholm but I like to travel for new adventures. In addition, I love to stand in front of the camera myself and strive to make my customers feel the same!

Bröllopsfotograf pris

It was very important to get our special day documented, and we are so happy that Tanja could photograph us. Her pictures are magical ✨ It's easy to stand in front of her camera, and you never feel uncomfortable. So thank you so much for being able to set us up on our day.



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